Addressable In-Market (AIM) Report

Addressable In-Market (AIM) Report

See how many of your customers have been actively in-market and comparison shopping over the past year.

You can know how many of your customers or prospects have been in-market for a major purchase over the past year. Request your report using the form below and we will assist you with a secure portal where you can upload your customer contact file to get your free, sample AIM Report.

Please note that if you are requesting more than one (1) file, please wait until you receive your AIM Report back before submitting another request.

Get Your Free Custom AIM Report

Jornaya’s Addressable In-Market (AIM) Report provides you with an aggregate level view of your customers or prospects’ in-market behavior across the major-life purchase (MLP) verticals over the past year.

The AIM Report, utilizes Jornaya’s Activate* data to show you the earliest indicators of buyer intent, based upon which of your customers or prospects have been active on a buying journey.

The AIM Report helps you to quickly see the number of customers active across all available MLP journeys, or you can filter the report to see only the MLP most relevant to your business Showing you the total:

  • Consumers analyzed
  • Consumers in-market
  • In-market rate

These unique insights enable you to deploy more timely and relevant marketing strategies, so you can  influence your customers at the right stage of their decision-making journey.

*In order to see the daily in-market behavior for your individual customers or prospects, you will need a subscription to Jornaya’s Activate platform.

For any questions about the Addressable In-Market Report, visit our AIM Report Help Documents, download our AIM Quick Reference Guide or reach out to

Jornaya’s Activate platform provides you with the earliest indicators of  in-market behavior at an individual customer or prospect level – helping you unpack the customer journey, so you can better target and engage with your customers and prospects.

Our proprietary data set uniquely captures customer activity across thousands of data sources – insights on your customers’ shopping for specific major-life purchases, such as loans, insurance, cars, and education.

See when they start shopping, so you can reach them earlier in their process, get a jump on your competition, and deliver a better overall experience.

We help you see the buying behavior of your existing customer or prospect contacts – so you can know when they are in- and out-of-market – allowing you to easily customize outreach to the right people at the right time.

Activate data can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM and other marketing software you’re already using.

Learn more about Activate.

Jornaya has partnered with thousands of data companies across Insurance, Consumer Finance, Automotive, and Higher Education. This gives us a truly unmatched view of consumer behavior across these MLP journeys.

1. Select a list of customer contacts you want to see in-market activity for. Then upload your data file according to our specifications, security and hashing guidelines.

2. Simply fill out the form on this page and we will take you to a secure page with instructions on how to securely upload a sample customer list.

3. Within 12 hours of uploading your file we will send you an email with a link to your customized AIM report.

4. View your custom AIM Report – see how many of your customers or prospects have been active on specific MLP journeys.

5. Contact us with any questions. If you want to see the individual, consumer-level Activate data, we can have one of our Account Managers reach out to you.

Data privacy is paramount at Jornaya.  We are committed to keeping all customer data secure and private.

Data provided to Jornaya for an AIM Report is used for the sole purpose of producing an AIM Report for you and your organization. Jornaya does not utilize the data in any other ways.

*If you have any questions/concerns about privacy, please contact our technical support team at

View our AIM Report help files for additional detail.

Learn how you can leverage Activate’s in-market insights to enhance your current marketing strategies and drive stronger engagement – helping you retain and grow your customer base. Evolve your outreach and unlock greater value by exploring the Activate Playbook.

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