by Sue Krause on August 24, 2016

LeadsCon New York: Day Two Observations


Yesterday, I provided a summary of the Jornaya team's experience during the first day at LeadsCon New York, which you can read by clicking here . Today was another exciting day at the conference.

Jornaya at LeadsCon

Jornaya's VP of Data Science Kris Heidler participated in the panel session Better Marketing, Better Outcomes with Consumer Intent and Behavioral Targeting" at LeadsCon this morning. If you missed Kris' panel, you can read his pre-show blog on the topic here .

Blog-HeidlerPanel.jpg Jornaya's Kris Heidler (far left) on LeadsCon Panel

Director, Insurance Jaimie Pickles joined the panel “Selling Leads: Monetization, Lead Data, and Best Practices for Matching the Right Leads to the Right Buyers” this morning. If you couldn't make it, check out his pre-show blog about this topic here .

Jornaya's Jaimie Pickles (second from left) on LeadsCon Panel

Key Day Two Observations

  • It was interesting for Kris Heidler to see Tendril at LeadsCon. Energy, as an industry, is being disrupted.
  • Another growing industry in terms of lead buying, small business loans, was noted by Galen Foote, who handles Major Accounts for Jornaya.
  • Jaimie Pickles e njoyed hearing Erik Josowitz this morning at his session "Reviewing the Tools of the Trade: Defining the Technology that Drives Your Business". Erik explained that All Web Leads has built its own call platform technology to deploy its call strategy. We find it impressive that they built it internally on top of Twilio's cloud communications platform!
  • Jeff Piotrowski of Jornaya's sales and business development team has identified a trend from his meetings at Leadscon that marketing teams are as strapped and mystified as ever by increasing acquisition goals and lack of knowledge around how to achieve them. Several clients have asked our team to be prescriptive and flat-out tell them what they should do with Jornaya's data, based on our industry experience and what their peers are doing. This validates our belief that it's not more data that solves marketers' problems, but that unlocking the insight behind the data is more important as ever.
  • Jeff also noted that m any companies he talked with are getting into buying calls due to dips in lead quality and that they believe that they do not need to worry about lead quality since they have a consumer on the phone.
  • Jornaya Client Success Manager Louis Cipriano noted from meeting with some clients that they are focused on finding ways to focus efforts on retention and retargeting and are eager to explore how consumer journey insights could help them in these efforts.
  • Account Executive Eric Goldstein also observed that behavioral data was trending at LeadsCon. No two consumers are alike, and if you believe they are you are missing the point. Behavioral data is the only true indication of a consumers level of intent.
  • Eric also noted that this comment from Scott Hettman at Boberdoo rang loud and clear: "Quality matters more than ever, buyers want to buy leads with high intent."
  • Jumping off from from Louis' and Eric's observations, Adam Figueira, our VP of marketing, noted that t he consumer journey is a hot topic at LeadsCon. This is very exciting for our team because this year, Jornaya seems to be the only company at the show talking about it as a focus. But, we're betting that will be very different by the time LeadsCon East 2017 rolls around.

Thanks to all the clients, prospective clients, and partners who attended our sessions, visited our booth, and joined us for meetings. Thanks to the LeadsCon organization for another great conference. See you at LeadsCon Las Vegas next March!

LeadsCon_floor-hats.jpg JORNAYA'S Rob rokoff (middle) having fun on the show floor

For more information consumer journey data, click here to check out our research paper Jornaya 2016 Consumer Journey Analysis: Dissecting the Path to Conversion.