by Jornaya on February 23, 2017

Look How Far We've Come #TBT

Eli Post .png
Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Luckily, thanks to the internet, we’re able to capture all of the fun we’ve had and blog about it two years later at the expense of one our co-workers!

In this case, we have a wonderful video interview that was recently found on youtube of one of our senior sales managers, Eli Schwarz. In the video we have a younger, greener, and maybe slightly less confident version of the Eli we know now, talking about the benefits of using LeadiD (our company name at the time) back in 2014!

(skip ahead to the 27-second mark to see the interview)

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as we did! Thanks to Eli for being such a good sport and I hope we’re not alone in thinking that throwback LeadiD gear should be sold at Mitchell and Ness!

Eli will be back in action at LeadsCon in Las Vegas (March 20-March 22) but this time he'll be sporting his new, Jornaya branded apparel. To learn more about our rebrand, check out this article from Philadelphia Magazine. Also, i f you're planning on attending the show, be sure to stop by booth #212 to chat, test Eli's knowledge, and learn more about why LeadiD became Jornaya!