by Sue Krause on June 29, 2016

The Jornaya Logo


Back on April 28, we had a great time celebrating “Take Your Child to Work Day” here at Jornaya—although, back then, we were still known as LeadiD.

Each department in the company was asked to prepare an activity for the kiddos that would be fun but also help them learn a little something about the company and the department.

Because we were heavily into our rebranding efforts at the time, the marketing department asked the kids to help us with designing the new Jornaya logo, using everything from colored pencils to markers to glitter (the glitter was a huge hit!) We’ve been waiting two months to share some of the excellent designs that the next generation came up with, and thought doing so here would be the best way. Enjoy!

20160428_104729.jpg 20160428_135458.jpg

20160428_103744.jpg 20160428_135437.jpg 20160428_135442.jpg 20160428_135450.jpg

20160428_135503.jpg 20160428_135531.jpg

20160428_135603.jpg 20160428_135423.jpg


20160428_135616.jpg 20160428_135445.jpg