By the Numbers

In this month’s By the Numbers, we look at the latest average industry benchmark data for “Lead Age” based on Jornaya clients.


As you can see in the table above, for the month of June 2017:

• 82% of higher education leads were ≤ 1 minute old
• 80% of mortgage leads were ≤ 1 minute old
• 70% of insurance leads were ≤ 1 minute old

Lead age is a "stopwatch", beginning when the consumer submits a lead on your site, and ending when the buyer queries Jornaya with the LeadiD. Lead age or “Speed-to -Lead” is a crucial measurement because consumer intent to get a quote or make a purchase is highest right after a lead has been submitted. A 2007 Kellogg / MIT study by Dr. James Oldroyd revealed that the odds of contacting a lead if they are called within five minutes of submission are 100 times higher than being called within 30 minutes.

Jornaya Intelligence customers can leverage lead age data in real-time, and for each lead, to make data-driven purchase and prioritization decisions. The impact of lead age on conversion and propensity to buy is something that we have seen validated by our data.

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