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Competition is running high in the Financial Services industry. Not only from other Banks and Credit Unions but from a broader landscape of FinTechs and alternative financial providers. So how do you stand out from the crowd and continue to acquire and retain customers?

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Harness The Power Of Your First-Party Data
To Identify Opportunities Sooner

Acquire new banking customers and increase wallet share from current members by reaching your consumers when they’re most receptive to your offers. By enhancing your first-party data with real-time shopping behavior, you’ll know when your consumers first start researching options and exploring your competition. Marketing campaigns and outreach will become more timely, relevant, and engaging.

Modern consumers demand personalized offers and communications. Online consumer shopping behaviors witnessed across the Jornaya Partner Network help you target, time and tailor your outreach to drive better engagement and customer experiences — while always protecting consumer privacy.

Identify the consumer 70-100 days before the funding event 


3x increased in funded loans 


Reach Consumers Before Your Competitors

The crowded FinTech landscape has made it increasingly difficult to compete. Deliver dynamic and compelling experiences that are personalized, timely, and relevant based upon the consumers real-time shopping behaviors rather than seasonal or static marketing programming.

Reduce Run-off + Increase Recapture

Create a much higher probability of engaging and retaining their business by understanding the moment your customer begins to shop for a new Home or Refinance. Identify customers as early as 180 days prior to a funding event to dramatically increase your recapture rates.

Grow Your Wallet Share

Expand your share of wallet and lifetime value of your checking and deposit holders by offering Mortgage and Loan products as consumers are in market shopping for them.

Maximize Your MarTech Investments

Your marketing technology stack is only as good as the data that powers it. Enhance your first-party data sets with real-time behavioral data to unlock the dynamic segmentation capabilities of your execution platforms.

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Forrester Study
Forrester Study

Forrester Study: How Financial Marketers Are Driving ROI With In-Market Consumer Data

See how we’ve helped banks, credits unions, and mortgage companies achieve nearly 200% ROI, increase customer engagement, establish more productive marketing functions, and increase profits.

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