Understand + Engage Your Consumers With Precision

Marketing leaders are under pressure to deliver fast results and can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to knowing who to market to, when, and how. With the right data and insights, you can confidently know which of your customers or prospects are in market and execute more profitable marketing campaigns.

Deliver Results

Deliver Exceptional Consumer Experiences

Our strategic products and solutions provide real-time insights into consumer shopping behaviors. You’ll be able to drive marketing spend and campaign decisions using dynamic data versus static, commoditized data. The end result will be timely, personalized engagements with your customers and prospects that lead to sustainable relationships and growth.

Enhance Your First-Party Data With Real Behaviors

Drive more effective outreach + engagement by understanding your prospects and customers’ current behaviors and needs. Meet them in the moments that matter.

Honor Privacy + Maintain Compliance

Honor consumer privacy and prove compliance by validating whether you truly have consent to contact a consumer who has submitted a lead form.

Optimize Your Lead Buying + Performance Marketing

Get deep insights and transparency into the origin, history, and behavior of every lead. Build stronger relationships with your performance marketing partners.

Create Prescriptions + Strengthen Predictions

Access behavioral attributes that help you drive more prescriptive campaign strategies and strengthen your predictive models with unique insights.

“Working with Jornaya has overwhelmingly made us smarter about our customers.”

AVP Marketing, Regional Bank

Get More Value From Your Marketing Technology Investments

Jornaya data can be easily integrated into your existing CRM, Lead Management, and MarTech platforms—helping you optimize lead buys in real-time + maximize the power and capabilities of dynamic, personalized campaigns based on your consumers’ daily in-market behavior.

  • Native integrations
  • Robust APIs
  • Leverage data across multiple systems
  • No new software required
  • No lengthy implementations

Forrester Study
Forrester Study

Exceptional Consumer Experiences
Drive Better Results

See how we’ve helped companies achieve nearly 200% ROI, increase customer engagement, establish more productive marketing functions, and increase profits.

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