Protect Your Brand By Honoring Consumer Consent + Privacy

In a time when almost half of consumers have stopped buying from a company over privacy concerns, your job is getting harder. Help your marketing team find leads in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to ensure your business is honoring consumer consent and privacy. This will create trusted, valuable relationships with your customers.

Why Compliance Officers Love Us

Your Partner For Validating Consumer Consent

In today’s lead buying environment, it’s not just about if there will be a consumer complaint. It’s also about when, how often, and if your business is prepared.

Partner with your sales and marketing teams to build a proactive compliance practice to support your lead buying efforts. Defend and deter legal action in the event a complaint does arise. Protect brand reputation and limit legal expenses.

“Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian solution helps us to ensure compliance and protect ourselves from TCPA lawsuits. I love how quickly and efficiently we can retrieve TCPA compliance reports, often within 5 minutes—which has just been incredible, allowing me to quickly respond to our legal team.”

Michael Wettergren
Media Director, Aggregators
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Solutions to Create Trusted Relationships

Our solutions confirm clear and conspicuous consent in real-time while ensuring each lead is obtained in compliance with evolving consumer privacy and protection regulations including TCPA.

“We began implementing Jornaya five years ago. Some of our businesses and media channels were initially resistant. Today, the benefits to our media partners, our advertisers, and regulators are so clear those same businesses are now asking to leverage Jornaya products further.”

Marissa Levinson | Associate General Counsel, Quinstreet

Get Proof

Though strong indemnification and limited liability language remain a best practice, neither equates to immunity from TCPA violations. The courts continue to rule not based on your contracts, but based on your investment and vigilance on managing a compliant marketing process. Jornaya is your proof of consent, and as important, your proof of investment in first- and third-party compliance.

Honor Privacy Without Third-Party Cookies 

From the day we were founded, we’ve only used hashed data. We don’t store or need consumer personally identifiable information (PII) to provide our future-proof compliance technology. We don’t rely on third-party cookies or tracking consumers. When you work with us, you know your data stays your data because you do not have to share raw PII to work with Jornaya.

Save Time + Money

On average, the FTC receives 250,000 complaints regarding TCPA violations per month. Companies have lost tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits by not complying with the regulation. The average TCPA settlement is $6.6M (which doesn’t include lawyer fees or the potential for public relations damage).

Nurture The Compliance + Marketing Relationship

Jornaya has never sold consumer data, leads, or audiences—and never will. We can’t because we don’t have the data! Unlike firms that also manage large customer files with personally identifiable information (PII) or firms that also sell consumer data as leads, calls, clicks, or audiences, Jornaya’s patents and business model put the love back in the Compliance Officer + Marketing relationship.

Help Protect Your Organization 

We work with the country’s largest and smallest banks, carriers, agencies, and fintechs. We understand the importance of data security, consumer privacy, and IP—and we’ve never lost a partner over data concerns or audits.

Secure + Wide Adoption

Most leads today have LeadiDs. If you happen to work with a vendor that does not create LeadiDs, it is free and simple for them to get started with us.

Ease Of Use

It’s Amazon-easy to work with us. We’re not a new software platform or a large corporate workflow install like so many other compliance suites. Integrations are seamless. We’re an easy add-on data suite.

Jornaya DNA

Consumer Privacy is In Our DNA

Protecting consumer privacy is paramount to everything we do.

Consumer PII is always hashed and protected.

Expert Resources to Guide You

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