Honoring Consumer Privacy is Our Mission

Protecting and honoring your data privacy is paramount to Jornaya. We believe in the Golden Rule of Data: Protect and use all data only as you would want your own data used and protected. We’re all consumers who value our privacy and are frustrated and annoyed by unwelcome phone calls and irrelevant emails.

We believe a better relationship between consumers and brands is possible. Our technology restores trust and transparency in the internet, marketing, and comparison shopping ecosystems.

How We Protect Your Privacy

You Won’t Get Bombarded

Our products are designed and used to help marketers provide the most relevant and timely interactions so consumers don’t get endlessly bombarded. When you’re looking for the best loan, insurance policy, or other major purchase, receiving timely and relevant information about the process is welcome. Once you’ve made your decision, it’s important the calls and emails stop. We help with that process.

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Consent-Based Marketing

Your Personal Information Is Never Stored Or Captured

Discover how consumer privacy is a focal point of marketing technology.

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