Timely Engagement With Prospective Students

The higher education marketing space is rapidly evolving. The modern student is more connected than ever and expecting flexible, fully digital experiences. Universities are fiercely competing to not only attract and enroll students but to keep them engaged throughout the journey from startup through the successful completion and degree attainment. So how can you time and tailor your outreach to meet the needs of your applicants and enrolled students when they appreciate it the most?

Get The Timing Right

Behavioral Data + Insights That Improve Your School’s Engagement
With Prospective Students

Today’s students are conducting nearly all of their research on universities and degree programs online. The footprints of their digital application and enrollment journeys provide admissions teams with data and insights to better understand student interest, intent, and timing. By using this behavioral data and insights, institutions are increasing application, matriculation, and retention.

The modern, connected student demands more: Online behaviors of prospective and current students witnessed across the Jornaya Partner Network help you target, time, and tailor your outreach to drive better engagement and experiences with students — while always protecting their privacy.

“Jornaya is an integral part of our business. From lead scoring to TCPA Guardian protection, our business would not be able to run without Jornaya. The services you provide are invaluable, and customer service is top-notch.”

Daniel Meyers
Senior Marketing Affiliate Manager
National Education Partners (NEP)

Run Successful Programs With Your Partners

Using Jornaya’s patented LeadiD, you’ll have the intelligence to understand more about the quality of leads your performance partners are bringing you. Know the behavior of the prospective student in real time—and the level of competition vying to recruit them.

Avoid TCPA Violations + Capture Consent 

Since 2011, Jornaya has been witnessing virtually every prospective student engagement generated from performance marketing partners. Our TCPA Guardian solution captures the prospective student’s submission of interest and consent to contact from the point of origin through any change of custody.

Improve Your Conversion Rates

Understanding the moments when your students are beginning their research or revisiting their options creates a better chance of engaging and retaining them. Identify prospective students researching and comparing university and degree options throughout their education journey to inform the right messaging and timing of your outreach.

Integrate Consent With The Right Data 

Build more effective outbound and follow-up campaign strategies using prospective student behaviors to dynamically set prioritization and cadence while also ensuring you have consent to contact.

Predict Your Lead Conversion

LeadiD Predict is a custom service that takes all the data we witnessed in a consumer lead event and combines it with all of the other activity we have seen for that same consumer and creates a single predictive score of the likelihood that that particular customer will convert with you. The Jornaya team can create custom algorithms built for any outcome across your homegrown or affiliate leads.

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