Meet Consumers At Exactly The Right Time

We know too well that consumers’ wants and needs are different. That’s why top P+C, Life, and Health Insurance marketers are leveraging behavior to meet the consumer where they truly are on their journey. With this information, you’ll provide your insurance leads with expert advice and the best offer at the right time.

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Know More About The Consumer’s Shopping Journey Across Property + Casualty, Life, And Health Insurance

Insurance marketers face increasing pressure to win over new customers and retain existing ones. What if you could time your outreach when your prospects and customers appreciate it? Deliver exceptional customer experiences to each of your insurance leads and customers.

7 out of 10 Top P+C Carriers Trust Jornaya


See a 10% increase in retention with a data-driven approach to your marketing 


1 in 3 consumers visit a comparison shopping site before submitting a life insurance application


Drive Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Know when to reach out with bundled offerings by understanding when existing customers are in the market for additional coverage. Cross-sell your Auto insurance policyholders when you are informed they’re shopping for a home or home insurance policies.

Increase Policy Sales From Leads, Clicks + Calls

Using Jornaya’s industry-patented LeadiD, you’ll have the intelligence to modify bids on the ping, right-size your cost per lead, and route insurance leads more effectively. Get this information based on the real-time behavior of the consumer and the level of competition vying to win.

Improve Customer +
Policy Retention

Identify existing policy holders who are a churn risk by understanding actual shopping activity. Develop a strategy for prioritizing outreach based on real-time consumer intent so your valued customers get appropriately timed courtesy calls to ensure they have the right coverage and rates.

Avoid TCPA Violations By Capturing Proof Of Consent

As the industry standard in the Insurance leads marketplaces — P+C, Life + Health — Jornaya witnesses the vast majority of leads bought, sold, re-sold, or aggregated. Our TCPA Guardian solution witnesses the lead event from the point of origin through any change of custody, allowing for validation of the time and place that consumer consent was captured.

We Know The Insurance Industry

Our team + products have received numerous awards by helping marketers succeed more with their insurance sales leads.

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How Jornaya Verifies Insurance Lead Quality

Jornaya provides unmatched transparency into lead buying to help you avoid purchasing old leads, duplicate leads, or questionable leads. Our exclusive LeadiD technology safely captures a detailed view of the actions the consumer took on the lead form and the journey the lead took before it reached you.

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