Increase Lead Transparency + Performance In Real Time

It’s important to know how, when, and where a lead was generated and the consumer’s consent and intent. It’s now possible to unlock lead source data transparency with help from Jornaya’s marketing solutions.

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Solve The Mystery Of Lead Quality

Unlike a lead that’s directly sourced from your own website, the origin, history, and consumer experience behind a purchased lead is often opaque. Unqualified leads that will never convert into a customer wastes time and resources. Our products and solutions enable smarter and safer interactions by delivering detailed intelligence on the leads you buy. Improved lead source data transparency can support the full potential of your sales team.

Improve Lead Transparency + Performance

Get a real-time data response of more than 20 attributes to help you understand the value of each lead and optimize lead performance. These attributes provide intelligence on the source and behavioral indicators of leads.

Verify Consent + Demonstrate Compliance

Every call, text, or transfer puts you and your business at risk of a potential TCPA complaint. LeadID Intelligence enables you to verify consumer consent in real-time and prove that consent in the event of a complaint.

“One of the biggest eye opening facts we’ve learned is that we thought all our leads were real time, and after putting these parameters in place, we discovered that a significant portion of our leads were inadvertently delayed in delivery.”

CMO | Technology based interactive marketing company

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What is LeadID By Jornaya?

With LeadiD, Jornaya safely provides businesses with dozens of detailed attributes and insights about the life of each lead before it reached you. This helps performance marketers make the most informed decisions about which leads to buy before time and resources are used.

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