Optimize Every Lead +
Protect Your Portfolio

Consumers who are in market for a new Mortgage or Refi generally fund with the first or second lender that successfully engages them. What if you could know the behavior and intent behind every Refi lead you buy? Or, the moment when an existing customer enters the market for a new Mortgage? Leading Mortgage Lenders rely on the Jornaya Data Network to maximize lead acquisition and portfolio retention.

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Behavioral Data + Insights That Drive Performance
Sooner Than The Competition

It’s a tough balancing act for mortgage lenders today with the changing rate climate and capacity challenges. Whether the focus is optimizing acquisition and cost per funded loan or building a strong servicing business and improving recapture, lenders need to manage time and investments in marketing programs that deliver results.

Modern consumers demand more: Online consumer shopping behaviors witnessed across the Jornaya Partner Network help you target, time, and tailor your outreach to drive better engagement and customer experiences — while always protecting consumer privacy.

5x ROI on retained business alone


3x increase in funded loans 


Run A Profitable Lead Acquisition Channel

Using Jornaya’s industry patented LeadiD, you’ll have the intelligence to right-size your cost per lead and route leads more effectively based on the real-time behavior of the consumer and the level of competition vying to win.

Reduce Run-Off + Increase Recapture

Understanding the moment when your customer begins to shop for a new Home or considers a Refinance creates a much higher probability of engaging and retaining their business. Identify customers as early as 180 days prior to a funding event to dramatically increase your recapture rates.

Avoid TCPA Violations + Capture Consent

As the industry standard in the Mortgage leads market, Jornaya witnesses the vast majority of leads bought, sold, re-sold or aggregated. Our TCPA Guardian solution witnesses the lead event from the initial point of origin through any change of custody allowing for real-time validation that consumer consent was captured at the time and place the consumer gave it.

Power Your Lead Routing + Dialing 

Build more effective dialing and follow up campaign strategies using actual consumer behaviors to dynamically set prioritization and cadence while also ensuring you have consent to contact.

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Forrester Study
Forrester Study

Forrester Study: How Financial Marketers Are Driving ROI With In-Market Consumer Data

See how we’ve helped banks, credits unions, and mortgage companies achieve nearly 200% ROI, increase customer engagement, establish more productive marketing functions, and increase profits.

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