Today is “Get to Know Your Customers Day,” which takes place once per quarter. Like any company, our customers are the lifeblood of Jornaya, so we want to take this opportunity to share something about the importance we place on getting to know our customers.

When thinking about what we could say about this topic, I realized that as an organization, we are already getting to know our customers in many different ways, every day:

1. Everyday interactions. The most obvious way we get to know our customers is simply through our every-day, continued interactions. We don’t need a designated day to get to know them because it is just simply a major component of the fabric of who we are as a company.

Jornaya (originally LeadiD) was founded on the idea that we could improve things for this industry. Because our company’s founders genuinely understood our customers, they believed we could make our customers’ lives easier.

Today, we pride ourselves on being highly consultative with our clients and taking the time to understand their challenges and working with them to determine new ways our data can help them be more successful in their businesses.

Although we have had that approach since the beginning, with the most altruistic intentions, we’ve discovered that this kind of relationship with our customers has been highly, mutually beneficial. The journey we have taken as a company has been built around solving our customers’ problems and, most significantly, our TCPA solution and our Consumer Intent Scoring products are a direct result of our listening to and understanding of our customer needs.

2.Client Summit. It’s no secret that we started LeadiD, now Jornaya, focused in the education vertical before expanding into other verticals. Four years ago, we launched our first EDU Client Summit to provide a platform for Jornaya and advertisers in the education industry to get to know each other better.

Having this face-to-face time each year has been instrumental in helping us get to know our education customers. It has provided both sides an opportunity for dialogues that might not have occurred otherwise, and also allowed our clients to network and share ideas with their peers.

As this Summit has continued to be successful each year, we have learned that our other verticals are craving this type of event. That’s why 2016 will be the first year we are expanding the event—now renamedJourney 2016—to a multi-vertical, multi-constituency to provide value to our entire client base.

3. Town Hall visit. Just last week we had the team from one of our largest customers into our office for a visit and held a town hall style meeting with our entire company. This provided the opportunity for all associates to get to know the team and ask any questions they had to better understand the challenges the customer deals with and how Jornaya has provided value to their team, as well as how Jornaya might better serve them in the future.

The company recognizes that not every associate is in a customer-facing role, but that it is critical to the success of the business for all of us to know our customers. So there is great value in exposing the entire organization to this opportunity to meet with clients in this way and remind us all that we are working with real people every day, helping them to solve real problems.

4. Know your customers’ customers. The consumer journey is what Jornaya is all about. The crux of our business is analyzing our customers’ customers’ behavior. We literally could not do what we do at the core of our business if we didn’t understand our customer, and their customer.

For Jornaya to be successful, it is imperative that we have a deep understanding of the entire ecosystem of the lead generation space. That’s why we interact closely with both the publishers and the advertisers and understand the relationship between them, as well as understanding the consumers who are their customers.

5. Don’t forget the internal customers. Finally, from a slightly different perspective, we also strive every day to know our internal customers. When our CEO Ross Shanken started Jornaya, he built it upon the foundation of a strong culture. He recognized the incredible talent in his own backyard, and realized he could hire in Philly without all the costs incurred with starting a tech business in the Bay area or New York.

Most tech companies tout the importance of collaboration. But Jornaya truly embodies a culture where associates are all customers of each other, who understand one another’s functional areas and who regularly come together to collaborate across a wide variety of initiatives.

In the interest of another building block of Jornaya culture—transparency—we hold weekly lunch and learn meetings, quarterly company meetings and other periodic trainings to provide opportunities for the different departments to keep each other informed and educated about what is happening.

As I reflect upon the myriad ways in which Jornaya as a company strives to know our customers every single day, it’s no surprise that we continue to delight customers, as well as we all continue to love coming to work each day to do so.

Rob Rokoff, SVP Corporate Development