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To help create exceptional experiences for customers and prospects by enabling the most relevant and timely interactions while always honoring the consumer’s privacy.

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Our People + Culture

At Jornaya we accomplish great things by working with great people. Our team operates under the Jornaya Code, we learn and grow professionally, and we trust one another. As the Teddy Roosevelt speech inspired, it’s about daring greatly. These words are inscribed on the walls of our office. To dare greatly requires the support and dedication of an outstanding team and forming solid partnerships with like-minded customers. Together, the two are building great value and flourishing.

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Jornaya celebrates and honors every unique individual member and the multifaceted experiences brought to our workplace and community.

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The Jornaya Code

We Embrace Innovation

We nurture invention, we embrace learning from our failures, and we enjoy celebrating our successes.

We Act Courageously

We ask ourselves “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?” and we do that.

We Channel Our Egos For The Good Of The Team

The success of the Jornaya team outweighs the importance of our egos or our need for status. We put Jornaya first; our team second; ourselves third.

We Will Be Genuine

No matter how challenging, we will be truthful with our customers and fellow Jornayans. Especially when it’s uncomfortable, we have an obligation to ourselves and others to be truthful, authentic and genuine.

We Do What It Takes

If getting something done is important, we’ll use our resources to get it done.

We Respect Others’ Opinions and Viewpoints

And we will genuinely consider these viewpoints when making decisions.

We Won’t Act Like Jerks To Other People

Even if others are jerks to us, we will take the high road, recognizing that this always leads to a better place than the low road.

We Hold One Another Accountable

To our Code, to our Goals, to our Mission. Holding our teammates Accountable is never meant to be negative or punitive; it’s recognition that we’re all on this Journey together, and we need each other’s help to get there.

What We Do

We’re the leader in behavioral data, marketing intelligence, and compliance with a proprietary view of more than 500 million consumer journeys every month. Companies work with us to receive early behavioral buying signals on their customers and prospects. This improves the timing, messaging, and efficiency of their marketing outreach.

Ready For A Journey?

We love a great challenge and show a bias toward action and impact. We seek those who are collaborative, self-directed, and who check their egos at the door.

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Contact State helps companies buy compliantly, profitably and confidently from Europe’s best and most trusted lead generation firms.


Around the world, Verisk helps customers protect people, property, and financial assets.



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