We’re on a Mission

To help you discover which of your customers and prospects

are on a major-life purchase journey,

enabling the most relevant and timely interactions,

while always honoring the consumer’s privacy.

(pronounced:   jOR-nye-Ah or  jôr′nī ä)

Great Work Starts with Great Teams

As the Teddy Roosevelt speech inspired, it’s about daring greatly. These words are literally inscribed on our walls. To dare greatly requires the support and dedication of an outstanding team and forming solid partnerships with like-minded customers. Together, the two are building great value and flourishing.

Executive & Market Leadership


Our Culture is Our Code

The Jornaya Code captures the spirit of who we believe we are, who we aspire to be, and how we choose to interact with other people for the optimal benefit of the team.

The Jornaya Code

Ready for a Journey?

We love a great challenge and show a bias toward action and impact. We seek those who are collaborative, self-directed, and who check their egos at the door.

Jornaya Careers