Choosing a mortgage is nothing like choosing a college.

That's why brands like Liberty Mutual, DeVry University, and Plymouth Rock Assurance rely on Jornaya to help them unlock the true power of consumer intent.


“The proof is in the data results. There’s a lot of power in what Jornaya is doing.”

– GEORGE HURLEY, Online Coordinator, Plymouth Rock Assurance


“Our customers have found that by associating with Jornaya, there is a fair amount of instilled trust in the relationship right out of the gate.”

– CHRIS HARPER, Partner and COO, The Lead Company


“We've always made a strong commitment to all of our clients that our leads are not only compliant, but high quality. By implementing Jornaya's technology on our solar websites, we're doubling down on that commitment.”

– SILAS ELLMAN, EVP and Partner, RGR Marketing


“Jornaya’s technology tracks the consumer’s consent in real-time, augmenting our current verification processes. It helps us maintain compliance, but just as importantly, Jornaya helps us ensure that AccuQuote delivers a positive first experience for every person that we interact with.” 

– VALERIE AIELLO, Vice President of Marketing, AccuQuote


“Jornaya's insight into the consumer journey empowers Contactability to deliver more high-intent prospects to our client base.”

– LEV BARINSKY, Co-Founder and CEO, Contactability

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