The Data Partner Program

Submitting this form indicates your company’s desire to participate in the Data Partner Program for Jornaya’s Activate Platform. This data platform helps marketers nurture, retain and grow customer relationships by delivering derived counts and scores based upon hashed and aggregated data from any partner who chooses to participate in this program. Applications of the Jornaya Activate Platform will be delivered to Jornaya customers via match to a customer’s existing record, matches to be made by LeadiD token or hashed identifier.

Jornaya will pay you a revenue share on a quarterly basis as part of your participation in this program. Your revenue share will be calculated based upon the amount of influence your data delivers to Jornaya customers subscribed to Jornaya’s Activate Platform. Revenue share payments will begin after the first quarter that you’ve participated in the program and Jornaya has secured paying customers on  the platform and will grow as Jornaya gains broader participation from our customers.

The Data Partner Program may be updated from time to time and Jornaya will notify you of any updates. You can opt-out of the Data Partner Program at any time by emailing or emailing your Jornaya representative. In the event of a conflict between the opt-out option here and an order form between the parties if applicable, the order form terms will prevail.

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