Journey Summit 2021

On May 17, 2021, we focused on “The Power of Knowing” during Journey Summit 2021. Knowing more about the changes in consumer shopping behavior as a result of the pandemic and its acceleration of digital transformation. Knowing more about building trust and brand loyalty through consumer privacy. Knowing more about meeting the consumer where they are at the right time with the right offer. And also, the power of knowing what you don’t know.

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Keynote Speaker: Adam Grant

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

2020 past year has led us to rethink fundamental assumptions—where to work, how to manage, whether to reimagine our strategy and our products or services. Yet too many leaders and employees reacted to events instead of proactively looking for opportunities to think again.

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant has spent the past decade studying this problem at organizations ranging from the NBA to Pixar to NASA, and he finds that the very skills that make us good at thinking and learning can make us worse at rethinking and unlearning. Building on his new book, Think Again, Adam examined how we can update our own opinions, open other people’s minds, and build a learning organization. Watch it on demand here.

Session 1

The Biggest Shifts & Trends in Consumer Shopping Behavior

Every day millions of U.S. consumers are on buying journeys for major purchases, such as homes, mortgages, and insurance. Part of our mission is to help you understand shifts and trends in consumer behavior so you can make data-driven, strategic decisions for your business. In this session, Jornaya CEO Ross Shanken reviewed the trends we’ve tracked from the 400M+ consumer events we witness every month. Watch it on demand here.

Session 2

Privacy and Your Brand

While creating more personalized and meaningful brand experiences will remain key throughout 2021, honoring consumer privacy is paramount. Because if you don’t protect your customer’s data, they’ll find a company who will. This session outlined ways to structure your marketing strategies to prioritize consumer privacy to not only build trust with the consumer but to protect your brand. Watch it on demand here.

  • Discuss the need to rethink the consumer end-to-end journey, from enabling digital solutions that honor their privacy to reaching them at the right time
  • Identify ways to leverage behavioral data as the best way to deliver on meaningful experiences while honoring consumer privacy
Session 3

Enhancing Your First-Party Data

Working with a data intelligence organization can help you safely and securely create value from that first-party data. In this session, panelists discussed ways to better understand consumer behavior and tap into behavioral data to power marketing. Watch it on demand here.

  • Discuss ways to enhance first-party data to learn more about consumer behavior
  • Identify best practices for engaging consumers at the right time, with a relevant message, while always respecting their privacy
Session 4

Jornaya Products In Action

It’s critical for marketers to be thoughtful when choosing who they market to and how they drive the outreach. This session will help you better understand how the solutions we offer help your marketing strategies. Watch it on demand here.

  • Create exceptional experiences for customers and prospects
  • Enable the most relevant and timely engagements
  • Honor consumer’s privacy

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