Why the new name?

Five years ago, we set out to solve a pervasive problem in the lead marketplace, an industry in which lead buyers and lead sellers understood little about the conversion potential of the leads they were exchanging.

More than 4 billion consumer events later, the insights that you’ve helped us uncover have had a transformative impact on the way the industry operates. These insights, though, had far wider potential than even we originally imagined. Your partnership with LeadiD helped us discover that very few consumers make “overnight” purchases. On the contrary, most purchases are highly-considered decisions that take place over the days, weeks, and even months.

In short, the consumer’s journey matters. With that in mind, and to represent the tremendous opportunity that comes with understanding consumer journey insights, we’ve decided to rebrand into Jornaya. The new corporate brand reflects the critical role Jornaya’s predictive analytics platform plays in providing insight into the consumer purchase journey. What exactly is changing?

What exactly is changing?

Item Old New
Public name LeadiD Jornaya
Legal name Lead Intelligence Inc. Lead Intelligence Inc.
Product names Basic Audit
TCPA Compliance
Consumer Intent Score
Jornaya Intelligence
TCPA Guardian
Jornaya Predict
Token Name LeadiD LeadiD

What will the change mean?

Although our name may change to Jornaya, our commitment to great products and service is the same as it was before. We’ll do this by continuing to be easy to work with, providing data and insights that transforms your business, and helping you maximize the conversion potential of all your consumers.

Will the LeadiD name go away completely or be incorporated into any existing products?

The term “LeadiD” remains as the name as the token that is generated as a result of a consumer or call center’s interaction with a web form.

Does this change my contract with your company?

Not at all! If you currently work with us, nothing about product functionality and service commitments will change.

When can we start using the new logo?

Many of you have showed your commitment to the LeadiD data standard by displaying our logo on your website, business cards, etc. We invite you to do the same now that we are Jornaya. Our media kit will be available soon.

Will I still be working with the same account manager?

Absolutely. Business will go on as usual, and if you have any questions about our rebrand, feel free to contact your current account manager.

Will I need to re-register for your online portal?

Your account will remain intact with us and your username and password will remain unchanged.

If you’re not signed up with our portal, you can register here.

Is your billing address changing?

Call off the movers! Our billing address will remain the same:

201 S. Maple Street
Suite 150
Ambler, PA 19002

Will our integrations with the AppMarketplace still work?

Yep, same as they always have!

How do I contact my sales or account rep?

The full transition to Jornaya will take several months to fully complete. As such, you can continue to contact your reps using the @leadid.com email addresses. However, each team member has now switched from using @leadid.com to the @jornaya.com email address, and will reply to your emails through the latter address. Beyond email, our phone number and company headquarters will remain the same as they’ve always been.

Will I need to make any changes in my Lead Management System?


I noticed on your website that your products have changed. How will this affect me?

It's just a name change. Jornaya is continuing to deliver the same great products and services exactly as you've purchased them.

I still see some things that say LeadiD on them. Why is that?

We’re hard at work switching everything over to our new brand, but this is a process that will take 6 months or more to fully complete.

How can I help Jornaya?

You’ve already helped us tremendously up to this point, but if you’d like to take a step further, how about a case study? We also greatly value your referrals!

How can I learn more about the new Jornaya brand and what it represents?

If you have one, your account manager will be happy to talk you through the changes in more detail. Also make sure you’re in attendance at Journey 2016 where where you'll learn more about the forces making it possible for marketers to see and understand their consumers' complete decision-making journeys.

Will Jornaya’s name change have any effect on my AppMarketplace products?

Not at all! If you are currently leveraging any of the great products in our AppMarketplace, your contracts will not be affected at all.

What about the Orange Kicks?

Orange Kicks has been a cultural and marketing symbol of LeadiD and for the time being they will remain so. Our team members will continue to wear Orange Kicks, and the Jornaya logo and color scheme still intentionally hold onto the orange affiliation.