Data From Comparison Shopping Journeys

Jornaya witnesses 191 million consumers making major life decisions every month.

How it works

Engage with In-Market Consumers

Network Effect

Presence on over 30,000 comparison shopping sites captures the vast majority of considered purchase buying journeys taking place every day across the internet

Distinct Data

Behavior of in-market consumers seeking their best options for loans, insurance policies, higher education and autos

Greater Outcomes

Targeting and segmentation strategies refined to meet consumer expectations of right timed, relevant messaging and offers

“We have always been a big advocate of Jornaya’s LeadID. Our main goal is to provide advertisers with more insight on the leads they are buying in regards to quality, the source and to remove risk from customer acquisition. Advertisers want to know where exactly their leads are coming from, and not just because we say it but that it’s confirmed, in this case by Jornaya who is an unbiased party.”

Bas Offers, COO


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Bad Data = Bad Marketing

Let’s take guesswork off your lists.