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We are the only company that can tell you who, when, and how your prospects and customers are shopping for a new home, refi, purchase, reverse or HELOC.

The Mortgage Consumer Journey Report

Get a jump on the competition. You can know when your customers and prospects start researching a mortgage or shopping for a new home: 100 days before they submit a quote request, list their house for sale, or have their credit pulled.

Learn how by reading our Mortgage Consumer Journey report.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Consumer Shopping Behavior in Mortgage & Real Estate

Our job as mortgage professionals is to help consumers when and how they need us. This is especially important in the current crisis as the behaviors of both consumers and those in the housing industry are changing. Jornaya’s Head of Consumer Finance Mike Eshelman and Chief Marketing Officer Rich Smith discussed consumer shopping trends and the impacts on the housing industry during HousingWire Annual 2020. They provided never before seen research on consumer shopping behavior pre- and post-COVID.

Read what they had to say in this short article or watch the video of their presentation.

Products & Solutions

Retain Current Customers, Grow Relationships With Existing Customers & Establish New Relationships

Jornaya helps the entire housing industry by leveraging real-time behavior to understand who is on a shopping journey. We offer the following products and solutions:


Know which inbound leads are likeliest to buy based on their real-time shopping behavior.



TCPA Guardian covers TCPA, CCPA, and future state and federal regulations that may be signed into law.

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Know when current customers and prospects are actively shopping for insurance or loans.

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 Know which customers and prospects in your database are actively shopping.

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Find out how many of your customers have been actively in-market over the past year using the Addressable In-Market (AIM) Report.

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