Homebuyers Journey

Gain a competitive edge: Know when your customers and prospects are on a home buying journey.

There are numerous decisions to make when buying a home, including a barrage of new financial responsibilities. Knowing which prospects and customers are beginning or accelerating a home buying journey can give you a competitive edge.

Our new Homebuyers Journey will let you know if your customers’ are in market for a home, which means they’re shopping for a mortgage and auto or insurance policy.

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Know More With Jornaya

Jornaya has a first-hand view of the customer journey when shopping for a car, loan, insurance, or degree. By identifying early behavioral intent signals, you can have smarter and safer interactions that increase acquisition, cross-sell, and retention rates.

Customer Acquisition

Connect to the changing intent of customers in your prospect database and allocate resources to those who are actively shopping.

Customer Growth

Recognize when a customer is shopping for a product or service you can provide and deliver tailored outreach to expand the relationship.

Customer Retention

Monitor for shopping behavior from current customers to identify risk as early as possible and take action to inform the decision-making process.