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Tuesday, September 24

3:55 – 4:30 PM 

Connecting with the Customer of the Future

Presented By: Jaimie Pickles, GM of Insurance, Jornaya; Brad Barnett, VP, Emerging Business Marketing, Nationwide; Tom Lyons, COO, Direct Response Channel, Plymouth Rock Assurance Direct; Niels Keuker, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, iptiQ by Swiss Re; and Rusty Sproat, CEO & Founder, Figo Pet Insurance

It is easier than ever before to reach consumers. Connection to the web and a credit card gives one access to more powerful targeting options than imaginable 10 years ago. While reaching an at-scale audience is easier than ever before, getting to scale remains as challenging as ever. It might seem as though it requires an unlimited budget and a jingle. Seemingly unlimited funds do not hurt, but even with such funds what is required is an understanding of the diverse digital channels, the interplay between channel and brand, how various customer journeys differ, and the ability to speak to customers both in the manner and channel in which they prefer. The session won’t give you more budget, but it will help you make better decisions.

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