The Jornaya Code

The purpose of the Jornaya Code is to capture the spirit of who we believe we are, who we aspire to be, and how we choose to interact with other people for the optimal benefit of the team.

We embrace Innovation.  We nurture invention, we embrace learning from our failures, and we enjoy celebrating our successes.

We act Courageously.  We ask ourselves “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?” and we do that.

We do What It Takes.  If getting something done is important, we’ll use our resources to get it done.

We will be Genuine.  No matter how challenging, we will be truthful with our customers and fellow Jornayans.  Especially when it’s uncomfortable, we have an obligation to ourselves and others to be truthful, authentic and genuine.

We Respect others’ Opinions and Viewpoints.  And we will genuinely consider these viewpoints when making decisions.

We Channel our Egos for the good of the Team.  The success of the Jornaya team outweighs the importance of our egos or our need for status.  We put Jornaya first; our team second; ourselves third.

We won’t act like Jerks to other people.  Even if others are jerks to us, we will take the high road, recognizing that this always leads to a better place than the low road.

We hold one another Accountable.  To our Code, to our Goals, to our Mission.  Holding our teammates Accountable is never meant to be negative or punitive; it’s recognition that we’re all on this Journey together, and we need each other’s help to get there.