Putting Others First w/ Guest Dale Vermillion, Award-winning Trainer, Acclaimed Speaker, and Author

Host: Mike Eshelman, Head of Consumer Finance, Jornaya
Guest Speaker: Dale Vermillion, President & CEO, Vermillion Consulting, Inc. | Mortgage Training, Speaking, and Consulting

In 2004, Dale Vermillion took what would be a life-changing trip to India. There he confronted extreme poverty, orphaned children, and a neglected nation. Determined to do his part, he returned home and has been working for the better good since. Join Mike Eshelman, Head of Consumer Finance, Jornaya, as he talks with Dale about his charitable work, how “others first” is a way of life, and his background in the mortgage industry. For those not familiar with Dale, he is one of the most well-known mortgage trainers, speakers, and consultants in the country. His award-winning Mortgage Champions sales training is the industry standard and is the official training program of LendingTree University. Listen today!

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