Are you doing extraordinary things with Jornaya solutions? Think your organization or team is an ACE when it comes to marketing? We do and we want to recognize your accomplishments. Submissions are open for the Jornaya ACE Awards presented at Journey Summit to celebrate your successful accomplishments.

We know our customers and partners are amazing at marketing and are creating exceptional, smart, and safe interactions for consumers while growing their businesses through innovation using Jornaya solutions.

It’s time to be recognized for the awesome work you’re doing.

Nominate your team or company in one or more of the below categories and win an ACE Award! Nominations close July 31, 2020. Award finalists will be announced in April and the winners will be presented with their ACE Award at Journey Summit!

Read our Tips and Tricks for a Successful Jornaya ACE Award Application.

Award Categories

Are you a new Jornaya customer already making full use of our extensive data? This award recognizes a customer who exemplified the ways Jornaya’s data solutions can be used to drive value for their company within their first year. The Rookie of the Year award honors fast starters for their superb planning, execution, and results.

Apply for the Rookie of the Year award

Are you constantly thinking about new ways to use Jornaya Data? This award recognizes a company who is pushing the envelope by asking new questions of Jornaya data, bringing more value to applications of the data, and/or integrating the data to be more actionable or accessible. Are you a Data Ninja warrior?

Apply for the Data Ninja award

Do you love being first in line? This award is for a visionary team that is adopting Jornaya solutions and taking new paths in their organization on how to use data to their advantage. This award recognizes a team that took that first step to do new and exciting things with Jornaya.

Apply for the Trailblazer award

Are you someone who looks at the bigger picture, thinking across channels and creating comprehensive marketing plans? This award recognizes an organization who interjects Jornaya data into those plans to produce targeted segmentation and personalized experiences with messaging and promotions across multiple channels.

Apply for the Multi-Channel Champion award

Are you hitting your customers and prospects with the right message at the right time? This award recognizes the most innovative use or results obtained using Jornaya’s Activate platform. This company does more than just act on the data signal— they are combining it with impressive automated marketing and with other sources to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Apply for the Activate Achiever award

Are you learning more about your leads to get a better sense of the journey behind the consumer? Are you actively working with lead providers to ensure they are sending you their best leads? This award is to recognize a company that is not playing around when it comes to their lead channel.

Apply for the Intelligence Idol award

Is compliance a guiding principle in your organization? Do you push your organization to be a culture of compliance? This award recognizes a company or partner who views compliance as an opportunity to engage with consumers on the terms of their choosing. How are you using TCPA Guardian today?

Apply for the Compliance Guardian award

Does your organziation put the consumer journey first by optimizing outreach to a consumer in a way that aligns with a consumer’s shopping journey? This award recoginzes an organization who understands how to meet a consumer where they are on their shopping journey, and deliver an exeptional experience that increases engagement and adds value to a consumer’s shopping experience.

Apply for the Journey-First Marketer award