Tips and Tricks for a Successful Jornaya ACE Award Application

Not sure where to start? 

  • Reflect on 2019. 
    • What was one goal from last year and how did you move the needle – and how did Jornaya solutions help in any way?  
    • Did you have a particular marketing campaign or project that was successful and where did you use Jornaya data?
    • Did you change or create a new process that made the team more efficient or effective?
  • Talk to your Jornaya Customer Success Manager or Account Executive about which category makes the most sense for you. 
  • Have you had a recent partnership review with your Jornaya team? Review the deck for ROI and strategy highlights.

Identify your strengths!

  • Do you have awesome email campaigns? How did you better adjust those emails based on in-market signal?
  • Do you prioritize compliance? Get recognized for your commitment!
  • Are you constantly improving lead performance? Did you make any adjustments that really made an impact?
  • Think through your use of data and how you adjusted any marketing efforts to incorporate and action on new data information.
  • What are the two things your company/team did really well last year and how did you improve it or take it up a notch using Jornaya solutions?

Stand out from the crowd! 

  • Include any visuals your team has created, ie., email campaign, ads or direct mail creative. Do you have a workflow diagram that shows how Jornaya data fits into your overall marketing stack? What does your MarTech stack look like and where are you ingesting Jornaya data?
  • Center your mission. We want to know what your company-wide goals and objectives were, and how Jornaya helped you achieve or move the goal-post. 
  • Use metrics. 
    • We’re looking for increased conversion rates, email open rates and other hard stats that prove the impact of Jornaya data.  
    • Soft benefits are awesome too! Did a different team compliment you/your team on a project well done? Give us some quotes from your management team or others in your organization (or submit a fun video clip with team members talking about it).
Apply for a Journey Summit ACE Award