COVID-19 Is Turning Privacy into a Corporate Reputation Issue: The global businesses landscape is undergoing a massive tectonic shift in how the public views, and businesses address, data collection and privacy as a result of efforts to address COVID-19. Those who do not monitor and plan to get ahead of these shifts run the risk of a major reputational hit.


A Holistic Customer Experience Means Saying Goodbye to Siloed Thinking: Companies are still approaching customer experience with siloed, channel-based strategies. The businesses that are seeing the greatest success with their CX efforts focus on building holistic customer experiences.

Study finds that after implementing Jornaya Activate, companies increased customer engagement, consistently closed more new business, and much more! Read how to drive 191% ROI. 


3 Modern Trends Impacting Traditional Car Insurance Coverage: As millennials and generation z begin to purchase car insurance coverage, the way carriers present coverage has changed. 


In the Midst of Crisis, Servicers Need to Communicate Early and Often: In this time of “certain uncertainty,” several recent trends that were seen in 2008 point to imminent financial losses and increasing complexity of existing systems, at a rate that is testing the industry’s resiliency once again. Read some of the trends that point to the added complexity that requires businesses to adapt to the new normal.


Colleges Consider Layoffs as COVID-19 Wreaks Financial Havoc: The shift to hybrid and online learning has left universities struggling to close budget gaps in any way they can.


Driving Connections with Multicultural Consumers is Key for Auto Industry: New report calls for reaching multicultural consumers a top priority. They’re younger and more digitally connected than the general population today, and they can offer invaluable insights on what to expect from all consumers in the near future.