What is TCPA and Why is it So Confusing w/ guest Eric Troutman: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is by far one of the most confusing laws to hit our ecosystem. It requires prior express written consent for non-emergency autodialed, prerecorded, or artificial voice calls to wireless phone numbers, as well as for prerecorded telemarketing calls to residential wireline numbers. But there’s more, as the Czar of TCPAWorld Eric Troutman describes in this episode of Jornaya Talks Mortgage. Troutman, one of the country’s prominent class action defense lawyers and nationally recognized in TCPA litigation and compliance, talks with Jornaya Head of Consumer Finance Mike Eshelman about the intricacies of this law and how to maintain compliance. Listen Now. 


CCPA Enforcement Begins Now and Most Companies Aren’t Ready: Unprepared for CCPA? Here is what you need to know and do—now. For businesses still looking to button up on compliance, the first step is to figure out the personal data you possess and where it lives.


The Heart of What Customers Need Now—Human Connection and Experiences: The balance of the buying journey already had shifted from equal parts human and digital to primarily digital. As we look beyond the pandemic, managing customer experience will be as important as ever.


Nationwide’s Transition to Independent Agency Insurance Company Complete: Under the independent model, agents will maintain access to Nationwide’s breadth of products while receiving more flexibility to use other carriers, they will be better able to attract and retain commercial lines business, and they can access investment capital in their agencies over the long-term.


Top 10 Mortgage Lenders of 2019: Banks collectively originated 32.4% of all reported originations in 2019 with 2.6 million loans. Credit unions followed with 714,000 loans making up 8.8% of originations. Independent mortgage companies took the lion’s share in 2019, originating 4.4 million loans. That accounts for 54.5% of all reported loans.  


Looming Budget Cuts Threaten Proven Program: A City University of New York program considered a national model for improving graduation rates of disadvantaged students is facing budget cuts. Higher ed experts worry this may be the first of many disinvestments in student success due to the recession caused by the pandemic.


How Used-car Supply May Shake Out: When it comes to supply entering the wholesale market, look for that to be “higher than expected” the remainder of the year, Black Book said in its weekly COVID-19 Market Update. But such high supply could be mitigated by strong retail demand, according to another analysis from J.D Power.


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