Delivering Personal Experiences During Social Unrest and Economic Uncertainty: The question of personalization versus privacy looks at how much people are willing to give up gaining a tailored experience in return.


Making the Most of Behavioral Data in Your Marketing: Behavioral data is so important because, unlike demographics, behavior changes all the time. Understanding behavior allows marketers to respond to actual intent, rather than rely solely on educated guesses based on demographic segmentation. 


Life Insurance Sales Increase 2% in 2Q as Agents Adapt to COVID: Year-to-date, total policy count was up 1% and new annualized life insurance premium dropped 3%, according to LIMRA’s Second Quarter 2020 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Sales Survey. 


Mortgage Refinancings Boom, Even as Coronavirus Hits Economy: Lenders issued $1.1 trillion in home loans between April and June, according to Black Knight; low rates boosted refinancings


Where Does Higher Education Go Next? The pandemic hit at a time when higher education already was facing tremendous financial, demographic, and public perception challenges.


Attract Car Dealership Buyers, Not Just Shoppers: Dealers report the highest-grossing sales come directly through their website. From there, they also convert at 50% or better, with grosses that will top the board.

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