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by Jornaya on February 13, 2017

Jornaya Debuts TCPA Guardian for Facebook lead ads

First Tool Ensuring TCPA Compliance Protection for Advertisers

Calling or Texting Leads Generated via Facebook lead ads

Jornaya, the fast-growing consumer journey insights platform, today announced that its innovative TCPA Guardian solution is now available for Facebook lead ads. Advertisers who call or text prospects generated via Facebook lead ads can utilize Jornaya’s uniquely powerful tool to support compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Facebook lead ads give advertisers a better, more effective way to reach mobile customers with personalized content and capture their intent on mobile. A Facebook lead ad pre-populates a lead form with user contact information and can be completed with two clicks. Through this streamlined and native form, lead ads give advertisers the tools they need to capture relevant details from people at a moment of discovery and help build a relationship with them.

“The Facebook lead ads product is one of the most innovative new developments in customer acquisition, because it natively supports quick, hassle-free lead form submission on a mobile device,” said Ross Shanken, Jornaya Founder and CEO. “It also unlocks the ability to call or text a prospect on their mobile device right after they’ve submitted a lead, when interest is highest. TCPA Guardian enables advertisers to call and text with confidence knowing that Jornaya will help advertisers prove that they collected the consumer’s consent on each lead generated through their lead ads campaigns.”

The TCPA prohibits companies from texting or auto-dialing mobile phones without the prior express written consent of the consumer. Violations can cost up to $1,500 per call, and the burden of proof is on everyone involved in the marketing chain.

With TCPA Guardian for Facebook lead ads, advertisers can set up Facebook lead ads with a Custom Disclaimer that displays their company’s approved TCPA consent language. Once TCPA Guardian has been activated, the advertiser can confidently call or text consumer prospects, knowing that visual proof of consent will be captured and stored for every lead generated.

Proof of Compliance of Every Consumer Event with Visual Playback

TCPA Guardian helps advertisers protect themselves in the event of a TCPA lawsuit. TCPA Guardian features a Visual Playback of every consumer event, giving persuasive evidence of TCPA consent that an organization can use in a court of law.

“By minimizing friction to purchase at the moment of interest, Facebook lead ads reduce abandonment and help our advertisers capture more mobile shoppers,” said Doug Weiss, Product Growth Team Manager, Partnerships, Facebook. “Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian solution enhances the Facebook lead ads value proposition and safeguards an advertiser’s investment by ensuring the advertiser can prove that their leads are being generated and contacted in a compliant fashion, should complaints or lawsuits occur.”

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