Today was the first full conference day at LeadsCon New York. It was also the first time our company was exhibiting with our new brand and new name, Jornaya. We are already enjoying sharing the story of our rebranding with visitors to our new booth (come see us at booth #217!)

I checked in with some of my fellow “Jornayans” who are attending the conference to get the low down on Day One.

Jornaya at Leadscon

Jornaya Marketing Manager Matt Lipson reported from the Jornaya booth that for many people at LeadsCon, today was their first interaction with our new brand. Most attendees knew LeadiD, but were excited to learn more about Jornaya and what the rebrand means for our company now and in the future. We had many great conversations and learned a lot about the industries we serve and how our data helps make more informed buying decisions.

This afternoon, Jornaya hosted a special session “The Future of Consumer Journey Insights” with presenters Jornaya Founder and CEO Ross Shanken and VP of Data and Analytics Strategy Lauren Dickstein.

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Accounts at Jornaya Eli Schwarz reported that more than 50 people attended Ross and Lauren’s presentation on our transformation from LeadiD into Jornaya and that there was a huge buzz and excitement across our clients and partners about where Jornaya is headed.

Key Day One Observations

Our associates have already gained valuable insights from both meetings with clients, conversations at our booth and from sessions attended. Here are some of our key observations from Day One:

  • Ross Shanken walks away from the first day with this perspective: “LeadsCon East is interesting this year. I’ve heard many comments that the industry is shrinking and that the show is a reflection of that. I think those in the industry are actually expanding their thinking about customer acquisition and therefore it may feel like the lead gen space is shrinking when in fact we are evolving into new and improved methods of helping the consumer on her journey. The successful players in this space are certainly alive and as resilient as ever.”
  • Jornaya’s Director, Insurance Jaimie Pickles attended the EverQuote presentation this afternoon and enjoyed the great dialogue with the audience on the key questions lead buyers should always ask lead sellers. The president and CEO of one New York-based insurance company, who has been in the lead buying business for almost 20 years, provided a genuine perspective of the challenges her company faces and the EverQuote folks were candid and helpful in their responses.
  • Keynote speaker Rob Biesenbach shared some poignant thoughts; notably to our VP of Sales Bill Slackman, he talked about how the human brain responds the same to being told a story as it does to actually experiencing the event and that stories connect people. Eric Goldstein, one of our account executives, mentioned that Biesenbach’s keynote resonated with him as well, especially that people buy based on emotion, which is why they want stories and that they use logic as a battering ram to justify their emotions. This really speaks to us, as Jornaya has an amazing story to tell and share, and we are all enjoying sharing our story at LeadsCon.
  • According to VP of Marketing at Jornaya Adam Figueira, personal lending stands out as an emerging industry for LeadsCon.
  • The main takeway for Director of Strategic Accounts Matt Smidebush from the mortgage lead buyers session was: “All I want from my providers is transparency, and it’s hard to get.”
  • SVP of Corporate Development Rob Rokoff observed that LeadsCon East sponsors and attendees continue to dive into “phone” as an emerging channel evidenced by more sponsors and booths promoting calls or phone technologies and platforms as well as more sessions specific to phone including optimization and tracking. While this is not “new” to the industry, this notable increased focus indicates that we’re still at the tip of the iceberg on the consumer journey in regards to phone calls.