Crafts, Drafts & Eats With
Jornaya and SoftVu
March 4, 2019
6:00PM – 8:00 PM

In another great partnership, Jornaya and SoftVu will kick off LeadsCon at The Still, a Las Vegas Sports Bar, located in heart of the iconic Mirage. In 2018, Jornaya and SoftVu announced a formal partnership uniting consumer behavior indicators with marketing automation. Join us at The Still in the Mirage for crafts, drafts and eats.

Jornaya and SoftVu hosted a cocktail hour on March 4, 2019 from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm at The Still in The Mirage. We’re looking forward to seeing you next year. 

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9:05 AM – 9:55 AM

Room: Grand Ballroom AF

The State of the Industry: Surveying Customer Acquisition Today

Moderated By: Bas Offers, COO and Co-Founder, PX, Inc.

Presented By: Ross Shanken, Founder & CEO, Jornaya; and Joe Orr, Executive VP Insurance, ClearLink

In an age of data privacy, consumer choice and technological disruption, we take a look at where our business has been and where it’s headed. Where are marketers succeeding today? What industries are emerging and contracting? How can you successfully interact today to generate customers? Join us as we share and interpret industry survey findings, and explore lead buying and selling, customer acquisition, measurable marketing, consumer insights and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hear from your colleagues as we take the pulse of lead generation and share industry survey insights
  • Discover opportunities and challenges facing marketers, publishers and aggregators today and how they impact your business
  • Understand shifts in the marketplace that affect how and where brands can effectively and efficiently acquire customers


1:00 PM – 1:35 PM

Room: Grand Ballroom BC

The Future of Data for People-Based Marketing: A Return to the Golden Rule 

Presented By: Ross Shanken, Founder & CEO, Jornaya & Jeff Beard, Chief Operating Officer, Infutor

Data protection and privacy regulations were thought to bring a slow demise of the use of data. Many feared that escalating privacy concerns would lead to a massive push-back in data-driven marketing. While Facebook and Google are two big examples of how data privacy concerns can tarnish the entire marketing space, the reality is that the highest performing data practitioners are stronger than ever. These practitioners share a common trait: They recognize that the consumer has the power to make smart decisions choosing to engage with companies when and how they want. They also recognize different shopping needs require different marketing approaches (think impulse buys versus major-life purchases). The only way for companies to meet this demand is to fuel these engagements with robust data. So what’s next for the industry? These industry leaders see a return to the basics, living by the “golden rule of data” (treat consumer data like you would want your own data treated – for positive purposes and uses). We’re entering an era where brands recognize the criticality of positive consumer experience and will utilize data properly, in order to communicate more effectively and when the consumer desires. The result is increased trust, personalization, and engagement that will carry us into the next generation of marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discuss the state of privacy regulations and the impact on marketing strategies
  • Identify ways Data-as-a-Service organizations can restore trust and transparency
  • Describe ways brands can assure consumers about the use—and misuse—of data
  • Discuss what’s next for data


1:00 PM – 1:35 PM

Room: Grand Ballroom DE

From Automated Insurance Leads to Customer Engagement: How Agents and Carriers Compete in a Fast-Changing Digital World

Moderated By: Jeff Brown, Executive VP of Sales, Imprezzio

Presented By: Jaimie Pickles, Insurance GM, Jornaya; Perry Olson, Agent/Owner, State Farm; and Troy Korsgaden, President & Agent, Korsgaden International & Korsgaden/Jansma Farmers Insurance Agency

Agents and carriers today face heavy competition from digital insurance channels and direct insurers. As consumer expectations and behavior change, “trusted advisors” must rethink their roles and methods for growing and maintaining business. In this session, two top performing agents for major carriers join lead acquisition and customer engagement experts to discuss and debate how agents can compete with direct insurers and still maintain their key advisory roles in the digital marketplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how speed to lead automated lead distribution accelerates lead acquisition and raises quote rates while cutting acquisition cost
  • Hear how agents gain client and prospect trust with customer engagement software for scaling operations
  • See how tech tools assure agent compliance with consumer protection and data privacy regulations
  • Discover marketing acceleration programs with artificial intelligence enabling agents to have smart marketing and personalized customer experiences


1:40 PM – 2:15 PM

Room: Grand Ballroom DE

Mortgage Lead Gen: Today’s Market Changes Driving Tomorrow’s Lending Opportunities

Moderated By: Matt Dowd, VP, Product Management, Ellie Mae
Presented By: Eli Schwarz, Senior Director, Enterprise Partnerships, Jornaya

2019 promises to be a pivotal year in the digital transformation of mortgage lending. Technology continues to revolutionize consumer demand. Shifting demographics and markets are challenging the status quo. Innovations in digital-first capabilities that add convenience, speed and transparency to the customer experience are re-shaping the mortgage landscape. Join us as we examine trends that have the biggest implications for lenders and ways to address the evolving challenges of today’s home buyers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn which emerging home ownership and finance trends have the biggest implications for your business
  • Uncover the highest value opportunities for your organization’s growth and increased market share
  • Identify competitive differentiation strategies that leverage these trends and help you secure more customers for life


2:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Pre-event Summit

Seller’s Summit

Emcee: Mike Eshelman, Head of Consumer Finance, Jornaya 

The LeadsCon Seller’s Summit, produced by LeadsCouncil, is an opportunity for lead sellers, aggregators, publishers, and solution providers to meet and discuss challenges, opportunities, regulations, and privacy concerns affecting lead generation today. Summit attendees must be registered for LeadsCon Las Vegas and can upgrade their registration to attend the Seller’s Summit (LeadsCouncil members attend for free; otherwise, the cost to attend is $195 for those who are not LeadsCouncil members). Those interested in attending the Sellers’s Summit may select the add on when they register for LeadsCon.


2:50 PM – 3:45 PM

Room: Grand Ballroom DE

Buyer’s Summit: Financial Services Outlook for 2019 – New Opportunities to Engage Today’s Consumers

Moderated By: Ethan Ewing, CEO, ProPair
Presented By: Steve Rafferty, CEO, ActiveProspect, Inc; Jaimie Pickles, Insurance GM, Jornaya; Dan Stevens, SVP, Customer Acquisition, NBKC Bank; Rick Bouffard, Chief Revenue Officer, QuoteWizard

What are the marketing techniques that are driving customer acquisition (and retention) in 2019? How are advertisers monitoring online leads (and clicks) to assess customer intent? How are advertisers navigating the changing mortgage market? How are insurers marketing bundles? Join us as we survey insurance and mortgage buyers and solution-providers as to what is working in 2019.

All attendees for the Buyer’s Summit must be registered for LeadsCon and qualify as true end buyers – this is an invite-only event.

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