LeadsCon: Connect to Convert 2017 is coming up fast! The east coast version of LeadsCon will be in New York, August 21-23, 2017.  And while the content and format have been revamped, the key challenges that our customers and partners are focused on have not changed: transparency; performance and compliance.

Lead Transparency: Understanding the age, the duration (how long a consumer spent completing a lead form), and the exclusivity is critical when considering whether to purchase a lead, how much that lead is worth and how you want to prioritize follow-up and engagement. They are also important measures for evaluating the lead providers that you work with.

Lead Performance: What is the potential that a lead will convert and become a long term, high-value customer? By understanding the journey and behavior of a consumer before, during and after they submitted a lead form, you can better evaluate and score leads based on real value.

Compliance: Today, compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is critical for organizations across all industries. Making sure that all of your leads, first and third party alike, are TCPA compliant is important. One key to ensuring compliance is being able to effectively show pervasive proof of consumer consent to be contacted, as well as proper placement of appropriate disclosures.

These topics are not new. In fact, they have been the focus of many keynotes, sessions and side conversations at LeadsCon in the past. The difference is that marketers can now gain access to this data to optimize their lead acquisition and marketing programs in each of these areas.

At LeadsCon: Connect to Convert, the Jornaya team will be sharing real case studies from customers who have been able to address these concerns using our innovative platform and solutions.

In addition, Jornaya will have two interactive sessions where we will discuss these topics with other industry leaders:

  • Jaimie Pickles, Jornaya’s GM of Insurance will be leading a panel discussion, “What’s in Store for Performance Marketers in the Insurance Vertical,” which will explore these challenges, along with others facing the insurance industry.
  • Ross Shanken, Jornaya’s Founder and CEO will be leading a panel session, “Optimizing to Connect vs. Optimizing to Convert,” which will focus on strategies that will help you drive engagement with consumers throughout the buyer’s journey, and move beyond just contacting them.