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Jornaya helps in markets where customers invest significant time
researching, analyzing, and comparing options on major-life purchases.

New & Used Cars,
Auto Financing


Mortgages, HELOC,
Personal Loans


Online Degrees


Auto, Home,
Health, Life

Additional markets include Home Services, Personal Legal Services, Small Business Services, and more.
Do you sell or aggregate leads in major-life purchase markets like the ones above?
Explore ways to expand your business.
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“We have always been a big advocate of Jornaya’s LeadID. Our main goal is to provide advertisers with more insight on the leads they are buying in regards to quality, the source and to remove risk from customer acquisition. Advertisers want to know where exactly their leads are coming from, and not just because we say it but that it’s confirmed, in this case by Jornaya who is an unbiased party.”

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