Your auto shoppers are spending less time in-market and, when they do, they expect better, faster, more relevant experiences. With Jornaya, you’ll have actionable real-time data about your customers’ shopping journey so you can find and appropriately engage with shoppers who are ready to buy.

Connect to the
Customer Journey

Buying a car is a high-research process, with the majority of activity taking place outside of the dealer site. Gain a better understanding of where a customer is in their journey to improve their experience.

Know More About
Your Auto Leads

OEMs and auto dealers receive a huge amount of inbound leads, but have no idea how to differentiate between a serious buyer and a tire kicker. We have the data to help you know who’s in market and who’s ready to make a decision.

Drive More
Auto Sales

Decrease dealer dissatisfaction and increase participation with the LeadiD. Add our technology to your website to provide quality, performance, and compliance indicators that improve factory programs and usage of leads.

Go to Solutions

For each auto shopper, we help you know:

  • The behavior, quality, and intent of your leads
  • When “cold” leads re-enter the market
  • When customers start shopping for their next vehicle
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