Automotive: Stop Using the Wrong Data

Newly available behavioral data is opening up an unprecedented world of possibilities for truly effective 1:1 marketing in automotive. For years, the industry has relied on demographic and identity data to try to figure out who might be in market for a vehicle. But, adding in behavioral data on top of identity and demographic data provides a three-dimensional view of your prospects.

Stop Guessing & Sell More

It’s simple. You can continue to use multiple, disparate and oftentimes wrong data sources to try to acquire and retain customers. Or you can engage with individuals the moment they start their shopping journey. With the right data, you can know when their behavior indicates they are in market for their next vehicle, as it’s happening.

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Why Wouldn’t You Do This?

  • Separate Buyers From Tire Kickers: Know how likely a prospect is to become a customer
  • Re-engage “Cold” Leads at the Right Moment: Know when a previously cold lead suddenly starts exhibiting behavior that indicates a high likelihood they will buy a car.
  • Retain Your Customers: Know the moment a current customer starts shopping for their next car.

Connect to the
Customer Journey

Buying a car is a high-research process, with the majority of activity taking place outside of the dealer site. Gain a better understanding of where a customer is in their journey to improve their experience.

Know More About
Your Auto Leads

OEMs and auto dealers receive a huge amount of inbound leads, but have no idea how to differentiate between a serious buyer and a tire kicker. We have the data to help you know who’s in market and who’s ready to make a decision.

Drive More
Auto Sales

Decrease dealer dissatisfaction and increase participation with the LeadiD. Add our technology to your website to provide quality, performance, and compliance indicators that improve factory programs and usage of leads.

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