Higher Education

Your prospective students are looking for a better experience as they evaluate their degree, program, and school options. With Jornaya, you’ll know more about their journey so you can achieve higher enrollment rates.

Connect to the Customer Journey

Prospective students are conducting research on schools and degree programs online. Seeing their full enrollment journey helps admissions teams engage students and deliver the best experience based on where they are in the process.

Know More About
Prospective Students

Admissions teams are challenged with evaluating incoming prospective student leads or requests for information. Our data solutions help you evaluate transparency, performance, and compliance indicators to improve your marketing programs.

Drive More
Enrollment Potential

As a partner to higher education providers, we can help you unlock additional value for your business. Become a Jornaya partner to grow your client relationships by providing LeadiDs or contributing additional behavioral data to our network to improve the customer experience.

Go to Solutions

For each prospective student, we help you know:

  • Is this a new prospective student?
  • Are they considering other schools or programs?
  • Do they show intent to enroll with me?
  • Can I call them without risk?
  • Have they inquired about our school before?
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Midwest Bank Utilizes Jornaya Behavioral Data to Treat Customers Like Family

Utilizing Jornaya’s monitoring platform Activate, the bank is enhancing its first-party data to tell them if their customer is in market for a mortgage. The company will use targeted email messaging and the bank CRM to let the branch know their customers are shopping. The branch manager, who already has a relationship with the customer, will be able to initiate the right conversation when the customer walks into the bank.

“It’s that clear cut — Jornaya fits very well with our company and goals, and is making a significant difference in our lead generation program.”

Rustam Irani
VP Marketing
Ultimate Medical Academy

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