Consumer Finance

With rising interest rates and increasing competition, you’re challenged to find improved ways to engage and convert customers. Leverage Jornaya’s unique dataset to identify where shoppers are in their journey. We help you provide a better customer experience. 

Connect to the
Customer Journey

Securing a loan typically involves a lot of research across different sites, brands, and industries before making a decision. Gain a better understanding of where your customers are in their journey to improve their experience.

Know More About
Borrower Leads

Lenders are challenged in managing the performance and compliance of their lead acquisition programs. Our data solutions provide transparency, certify compliance, and allow for optimization on every lead you buy.

Increase Your
Partner Value

As a partner to consumer finance brands, we can help you unlock additional value for your business. Become a Jornaya partner to grow your client relationships by providing LeadiDs or contributing additional behavioral data to our network to improve the customer experience.

Go to Solutions

For each consumer finance shopper, we help you know:

  • Is this a new customer?
  • Are they shopping with other lenders?
  • Do they show intent to secure a loan with me?
  • Can I contact them without risk?
  • Have I contacted them before?
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Everyone’s drowning in data but it’s really all about what you do with it. A few years ago we weren’t even getting the data. That’s where companies like Jornaya come in. You help us get the data we need to make the right decisions. We started out not getting it at all, now we’re getting it and executing on it. Having the data has huge ripple effects that changes pretty much every part of our content strategy.

Jeremy Bowling
National Sales Manager
Union Home Mortgage

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