With increasing competition in the insurance industry, it’s important to ensure the customer experience is as smooth as possible when they request a quote or policy. Jornaya gives you the knowledge to have smarter, safer, and, ultimately, more valuable interactions with customers.

Understand the Insurance Consumer Journey

Selecting an insurance provider typically involves a lot of research about product lines, provider types, and rates. Gain a better understanding of where your customers are in their journey to improve their experience.

Know More About
Your Insurance Leads

Carriers, brokers, and agents are challenged in evaluating incoming customer leads or requests for information. Our data solutions help you evaluate transparency, performance, and compliance indicators to improve your marketing programs.

More Policies

As a partner to insurance providers, we can help you unlock additional value for your business. Become a Jornaya partner to grow your client relationships by providing LeadiDs or contributing additional behavioral data to our network to improve the customer experience.

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For each insurance shopper, we can help you know:

  • Is this a new customer?
  • Are they considering other carriers for a policy?
  • Do they show intent to secure a policy with me?
  • Can I contact them without risk?
  • Have they inquired about a policy with me before?
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“The proof is in the data results. I can’t believe there’s a carrier out there that won’t see that. There’s a lot of power in what Jornaya is doing.”

Director of Marketing Analytics
Plymouth Rock Assurance