Major-Life Purchase Resource Center

Major-life purchases (MLPs) are things like mortgages, insurance, cars, degrees, and houses. These are big-ticket items that entail a complex buying decision and emotional risk for the buyer. The customer journey takes weeks, or even months, and involves a lot of research, consideration, and comparison.

When it comes to influencing a person to make an MLP decision, marketing strategies have to be different. We’re here to help you with these challenges!

Check out the following resources on MLP industries, such as automotive, consumer finance, and insurance.

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Major-Life Purchase Marketing
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The Power of Customer Retention

Ways to keep your major-life purchase customers


Create Customer Experiences that Count!

If you’re helping people make the most important decisions in their lives, you need to make that experience easier and better for everyone.


Work that Matters for Customers Who Care

Ways to connect with the MLP shopper to deliver relevant, timely messaging and offers where they want to be met.


Major-Life Purchase Journey

Understanding shopping patterns and behaviors can help you create more meaningful engagement.


Laying the Data Foundation to Understand Your Customer

How can the MLP marketer stand out and win? A better understanding of the customer is a good place to start.


Formulating a Marketing Execution Strategy That Delivers Value

While it’s great to get your message right for each segment, it’s important to make each system work in concert.


Gaining a Wider View of Your Customers

Breaking down the walls of the MLP consumer journey.