The Play

Prioritize and trigger an email drip campaign to prospects and aged leads immediately after their in-market signal moves to ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’) to increase email engagement and conversion rates.

  • Upon initial outreach, send a series of emails to consumers over the next couple of weeks and monitor for opens and clicks.
  • Adjust messaging as the prospect moves further down the purchase funnel.
  • Move consumers with a decrease/no in-market activity into other email campaigns.
Content Recommendations

Even though these are aged leads, you now know they are in-market, so you can be highly relevant and well timed with your outreach. Include subject lines and email content focused on the benefits of purchasing a policy with you and aligns with the product they are in-market for. Consider messaging that is more related to a consumer that was out-of-market and is now back in-market.