The Play

Quickly reach your existing customers on their mobile device, as soon as they are in-market for other insurance products you offer.  Trigger a push notification to those customers as soon as their in-market activity changes from ‘not seen’ to ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’).


We would suggest sending a minimum of 2 push notifications and no more than 1 per week. Consider sending the push notification soon after a consumer’s in-market signal changes, but also at a time in which the consumer is likely to engage with your mobile app (i.e. not during business hours Mon – Fri). Ensure you aren’t over-messaging to consumers that are also getting emails and other communications from you.

Content Suggestions

Effective push messages establish urgency and include a value-based CTA. Convenience & simplicity is what drives mobile device usage, so your messaging should align with your in-app quote process being simple and easy.