The Play

Better target cross-sell to existing customers by monitoring a list of your current customersto see when they are in-market for other policies/products you may offer.  Create a separate segment for these customers and trigger an email campaign to them as soon their in-market signal changes to ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’) from ‘not seen.’


Initial email should be triggered immediately upon receiving the updated in-market signal; continue with a more aggressive email cadence over the next few weeks. Establish a time frame to refresh the list with any new in-market customers, and move any customers out of the segment when their signal goes to ‘not seen.’ Consider following up with a call if in-market activity remains steady and the customer has not made a purchase.

Content Recommendations

Focus on value prop-based messaging, specifically related to the offers/savings you offer with bundling multiple products.  Also talk about the  ease of adding new products given the consumer is already a customer. The content should also be specific to the product ‘journey’ the consumer is in-market for, so the content is as relevant as possible.