The Play

Monitor your list of TCPA compliant aged leads changes, and as soon as you see any of their in-market signals change to ‘seen’ (‘low’ or high’), prioritize them in your dialing outreach.


As you monitor you list of aged leads, establish a cadence for bringing in newly in-market consumers to your dialing outreach. Consider dialing once a week, leaving voicemails when necessary, and if there is no answer or consumer-initiated outreach after a month, consider deprioritizing.

Content Recommendations

The script should have a warm, friendly, and informative tone based on offers and value props related to the product the consumer is in-market for. Urgency and timing are important within the talk track for these consumers given their history of being in-market and changing their mind. The rep should be more of an advisor to the consumer as the shopping journey can be overwhelming and confusing for the consumer and your offer could influence these consumers to act now.