The Play

Create a more personal connection to the consumers you know are in-market and have already engaged with email(s) (opened, clicked) you have sent them. For those individuals, coordinate a follow up dial that will connect them to a human voice, reiterating points made in the email, addressing any open questions, and ultimately progressing them towards funding a policy.


Consider starting with a more aggressive call cadence (twice a week), leaving voicemails when necessary. If there is no answer or callback in the first 2 weeks, reduce the call cadence to once a week.  If the customers in-market activity decreases to ‘not seen’ or they purchase with you, end call cadence and move into appropriate nurture campaigns.

Content Recommendations

You should position the conversation around the email the consumer recently engaged with. The script should have a warm, friendly and informative tone based on offers and value props related to the product type the consumer is in-market for. These consumers are on the path to funding and you need to establish value and trust within these conversations to progress them down the purchase funnel.  The rep should be more of an advisor to the consumer as a purchase or refinance shopping journey can be overwhelming and confusing for the consumer and your offer could influence these consumers to act now.