The Play

Create a more personal connection to the consumers you know are in-market and have already engaged with email(s) (opened, clicked) you have sent them. For those individuals, coordinate a follow up dial that will connect them to a human voice, reiterating points made in the email, addressing any open questions, and ultimately progressing them towards purchasing from you.


Consider dialing once a week, leaving voicemails when necessary. Continue dialing the customer over the next couple of weeks. If they don’t answer or return voicemails after a month and are still showing in-market activity, consider following up with a personalized email.

Content Recommendations

You should position the conversation around the email the consumer recently engaged with.  The script should be written as a well-timed account check-in to learn more about the customers experience and share any services or offers that they may be interested in. The goal of the content is to have the consumer share more about their in-market shopping behavior and advance the conversation to a specific offer that is a great fit for recapturing the customer.

NOTE: Loan Officers should NOT be told that the Activate signal is an in-market shopping indicator as that could lead to the LO mentioning it to the customer, resulting in a negative experience.