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You’ve already implemented the Activate signal and sent email(s) to consumers based on their in-market activity.  However, for those consumers that did not engage with the email, a follow up dial can be a great supplemental touch point for learning more about the consumers needs so you can quickly adjust your positioning and offers based on their specific needs. The ultimate goal for the rep to either complete the application process over the phone or walk the customer through it online.


Consider reviewing your email engagement metrics once a week and prioritize any of the individuals that didn’t open into a weekly dialing campaign, leaving voicemails when necessary. If there is no answer or consumer-initiated outreach after a month, consider deprioritizing.

Content Recommendations

The script shoud have a warm, friendly, and informative tone based on offers and value props related to the product the consumer is in-market for. The rep should be more of an advisor to the consumer as a purchase or refinance shopping journey can be overwhelming and confusing for the consumer.