The Play

Reach in-market customers who have not engaged with your email or dialing outreach.  Send direct mail to those consumers you know are actively ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’ activity) in-market on the Mortgage-General, Mortgage-Purchase or Mortgage-Refinance Journeys.


Send direct mail pieces twice a month until the consumer engages or until they are no longer ‘seen’ in market, either because they’ve converted with you or because their in-market activity has decreased to ‘not seen’.

Content Recommendations

The mail piece should be relevant to the product the consumer is in market for and contain competitive offers and value props with a clear call-to-action.  Consider messaging that is a bit more personalized and direct, so the consumer knows exactly what their next step is and so you can effectively measure the performance of your outreach. It’s also worth noting that there may be a reason these customers aren’t engaging online, so think about a CTA that gives them an easy way to contact you directly via phone.