The Play

Promote customer retention on an individual and product-by-product basis.

Create new segments for any of your existing customers Activate sees in-market, shopping for your products. You can build unique segments for each of your product offerings, and reach each customer with targeted content on the specific product they are shopping for, with messaging/content that encourages them to remain a loyal customer.


Establish a workflow to pull customers into these segments and campaigns as soon as Activate sees them in-market. This play is good for remaining top-of-mind, and reaching the customer when they are actively shopping, so consider removing individual customers from the campaigns when their in-market activity moves from ‘seen’ to ‘not seen,’ or you have received some indication or confirmation that they are going to remain a customer, either through a call or renewal.

Content Recommendations

Leverage customer value-prop based messaging focusing on information that can help dissuade a customer from moving to another carrier.

  • Remind them of the benefits they receive as an existing customer.
  • Outlie what makes you unique and stand ahead of the competition.
  • Highlight why your policies better than your competitors.