The Play

Trigger a push notification to any non-homeowners customer that is in-market for a mortgage or on in-market on a ‘homebuyers journey.’ Consumers traditionally consider new insurance when they are making a home purchase or refinance. so reaching them at the right time with the right message can help you drive an increase in the average products per household.


We would suggest sending a minimum of 2 push notifications and no more than 1 per week. Consider sending the push notification soon after a consumer’s in-market signal changes, but also at a time in which the consumer is most likely to engage with your mobile app (i.e. not during business hours mon – fri). Ensure you aren’t over-messaging any consumers that are also getting marketed to through your other channels.

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Convenience & simplicity is what drives mobile device usage, so your messaging should align with your in-app quote process being simple and easy. Effective push messages establish urgency and include a value-based CTA, so utilize your best practices when marketing to active shoppers for your particular products.